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    Medical Transcription

    Improved Reimbursement through Better Documentation

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    Medical Coding

    Eliminate Backlog

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    Precertification Authorizations

    Reduce Denials and Improve Revenue Cycle Reimbursement

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    Virtual Medical Scribe

    Increased Physician Productivity

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    Registration & Scheduling

    Improve Patient Access, Eliminate Lost Appointments

The Phoenix MedCom Advantage

Phoenix has been supplying world class clinical services support to most of the major Teaching Institutions and Acute Care Medical Centers throughout the Northeast and around the country for more than 30 years.

Our Technology

Phoenix’ proprietary series of technology platforms enable us to integrate with a broad range of clinical systems, including Coding and CAC systems, Electronic Medical Records, Registration, Scheduling, and Insurance Verification systems.

Our Experience

Phoenix’ management team has more than 30 years of experience in creating, developing and implementing clinical service programs for world class medical institutions, often in collaboration with, or at the request of our clients.

Our Quality

Phoenix has developed a unique set of quality protocols at both the technical and operational levels that enable our clients to receive the best possible product in a secure, safe data environment.

Our Services

Virtual Medical Scribe

Increase physician productivity and improve patient care by utilizing dedicated Scribes to enter clinical data directly into your Electronic Medical Record, as well as providing tasking and queueing up orders as physician time-saver.

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Medical Transcription

Create improved documentation and increase revenue cycle reimbursement by creating comprehensive, accurate clinical reports transferred directly into the clinical documentation system.

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Medical Coding

Provide the maximum amount of reimbursement opportunity, minimize the reimbursement denials, while utilizing highly trained ICD-10 Coders with many years of Teaching Facility and Acute Care experience.

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Precertification Authorizations

Improve revenue cycle reimbursement, reduce denials, and create more rapid turnaround of transaction authorizations, utilizing  our highly trained Insurance Specialists.  Approval rates exceed 95%..

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Registration and Scheduling

Increase revenue and patient appointment census, improve patient satisfaction, reduce no-shows, and improve physician throughput, by using our Registration and Scheduling Specialists to manage your patient calls and appointments.        

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Success Stories

Review these case studies on how Phoenix MedCom services assisted these clients.

Virtual Scribe

Prestigious Teaching Acute Care Facility had hand-written notes in the Chart!

This facility has an EMR that over 60% of the physicians disliked, and their patient charts were either handwritten or scanned in. Phoenix piloted with the CMIO and the Chiefs of several services, to dictate via Smartphone App with clinical data entered directly into the Record. Once word of mouth took over, the physicians were lining up to get their completed records into that EMR!

Precertification Authorization

Renowned Orthopedic Hospital with Under-Utilized MRI Slots!

This hospital was losing valuable high-dollar MRIs and CTs to ‘local’ facilities. Phoenix took over the Authorization process and provided the end-to-end Precert service, calling the Practices, the Patients, the Insurance Companies and the Radiology Schedulers to keep the patients for the facility. This achieved a 65% decrease in leakage to other facilities.


Specialty Hospital had over a 6 month Backlog of Coded Charts!

When Phoenix met with the VP of Revenue Cycle and Director of Coding, this facility was on the verge of bankruptcy. One look at their backlog of charts told the story! Phoenix brought their army of remote coders to bear on this problem, cleared out the charts and the reimbursement was staggering. Today, Phoenix has remained their mainstay for coding and they are thriving!

Registration and Scheduling

Major Department was Losing Patients to Other Facilities!

Phoenix was able to provide enough Specialists to answer the phones promptly for New and Established Patients seeking appointments, to match patients to Physician Specialties, Insurance and Location while working with the physicians to optimize their appointment slots for maximum patient access. INCREASED PATIENT APPOINTMENTS BY 500% IN TWO YEARS!

Notable Clients

Here are just a few of our clients.

Hospital for Special Surgery Logo

Hospital for Special Surgery

Columbia University Medical Center Logo

Columbia University Medical Center

Yale New Haven Medical Center Logo

Yale New Haven Medical Center

Montefiore Medical Center Logo

Montefiore Medical Center

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