Our Technology

The ability to integrate our clients with the best technology to meet their specific needs is one of Phoenix’ greatest assets. As an organization that provides various services, we have found that the best approach is based on versatility. Phoenix has experience with a broad range of technology solutions that can be adapted for your facility.

When providing Virtual Scribe and Medical Transcription services, we partner with technology platforms that combine data entry, dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions along with integration and interfacing capabilities. Our platforms utilize multiple methods of voice acquisition, including iPhone and Android apps for dictation, as well as traditional methods. When providing transcription services, we either enter directly, or interface with all major EMRs and our Virtual Scribes have experience with Epic, Allscripts, Caretracker, Optum, Nextgen, Athena and Greenway, to name just a few.

Phoenix utilizes remote technology when providing Coding services. Our teams have extensive experience working in the leading EMR systems and hospital -based Encoders. For assigning and tracking each case that we code, we utilize a proprietary program, and data on each case is stored in a totally secure, searchable MySQL database.

For Scheduling and Registration services, we utilize an internet platform to host the web forms, database and secure email necessary to provide the concierge level service. This site meets all HIPAA security requirements.

Our Precertification program utilizes a proprietary program that was developed specifically for managing this program. We partnered with a HIPAA compliant web development company that specializes in Healthcare Portal Development. Requests for precertifications are submitted through the portal, pending cases are accessed by the agents, and once authorized, the results are returned to the database, to the client, and entered directly into the EMR to complete the process.

Our focus is on finding the solution that provides your facility with exactly what you need.

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