Our Clients

Phoenix MedCom’s client base is diverse, and we have the capability to provide the necessary tools for each facility.

  • Largest client base encompasses prestigious university medical centers and specialty hospitals. They are world renowned teaching institutions requiring our agents to have experience in acute care/trauma facility work. Technology allows us to provide that service to a major medical center anywhere in the country.
  • Local Community Hospitals.
  • Surgical Centers.
  • Oncology Centers that provide daily/ongoing care to cancer patients that require same day or very rapid turnaround of progress notes and consultation reports.
  • Orthopedic Specialty Hospitals.
  • Ophthalmologic Centers
  • MRI and Diagnostic Centers
  • Clinics.
  • Group Practices, Multi-Specialty practices, and Individual Physicians. Hospital Units for inpatient chart notes with rapid turnaround within hours directly to the EMR.


Notable Clients

Hospital for Special Surgery Logo

Hospital for Special Surgery

Columbia University Medical Center Logo

Columbia University Medical Center

Northwell Health

Northwell Health

Montefiore Medical Center Logo

Montefiore Medical Center

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