Our Experience

Experience Equals Success

The Principals each have over 30 years experience in the business, and Phoenix MedCom was founded in 1998 after the sale of a traditional Medical Transcription service that all three principals were involved in, as CEO, COO and CTO respectively.


  • Initially, the experience of the officers covered every aspect of the HIM/Electronic record components, from training staff, to operating procedures and interfacing with Information Technology departments, to providing support as partners, and insuring the satisfaction of the physicians on staff.

Evolution to EMR

  • Once Phoenix evolved as the next step in the Principals path, the traditional transcription services grew to incorporate many prestigious medical institutions and teaching facilities. These facilities quickly saw the advantage to partnering with Phoenix to find the best and most optimal technologies and best practices.
  • Phoenix developed the Virtual Scribe program which allowed entry of the notes directly into the patient’s chart in real time, taking the Clinicians away from the clerical and administrative side of documentation and putting them back to the patient side. From that basic premise grew the mutual trust to incorporate expansion into other areas.

Concierge Level Services

  • Private Practices were out there on their own without the benefit of any type of technology, depending upon individuals to pick up and deliver paper office notes. Phoenix was asked to provide a solution, and then the Private Practice portion of the Concierge service was born.

Front and Back Office Services

  • The evolution then to other Front and Back Office services was a natural progression and provided cost savings to the Departments and Practices.
  • Phoenix began scheduling and registration of patients directly into scheduling system, verifying insurance and then procuring the Precertification Authorizations for surgeries and diagnostic procedures, almost eliminating denials for those procedures.
  • As the next step in adding patient information directly into the EMR, coding was an essential piece of the process, and Phoenix developed a coding program off site, reducing costs while generating much needed revenue.

Over these years, Phoenix has grown from a traditional Medical Transcription Company to a truly Concierge Level service providing a menu of services to its clients.

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