Our Experience

Experience Equals Success

Phoenix MedCom was founded in 1998 after the sale of a previous medical services administration company.


  •  Initially, the experience of the officers covered every aspect of the HIM/Electronic record components, from training staff, to operating procedures and interfacing with Information Technology departments, to providing support as partners, and insuring the satisfaction of the physicians on staff.

Evolution to Ambient Dictation

  •  Phoenix evolved to serve many prestigious medical institutions and teaching facilities. These clients quickly saw the advantage to partnering with Phoenix to find the best and most optimal technologies and best practices.
  •  Phoenix developed the Virtual Scribe program which allowed direct entry of the clinical information into the patient’s chart in real time, allowing clinicians to focus on patient-facing activities.
  • Phoenix also partnered with top tier medical centers to develop Ambient Dictation programs. Ambient dictation records the entire patient/provider conversation, removing the clinician from the dictation process. The process incorporates Artificial Intelligence, producing a more accurate representation of the patient/clinician experience, and generating more accurate clinical information in the EMR.

Enhanced Utilization of the EMR Capability 

  •  Working with these same top tier medical facilities, Phoenix began development of additional programs utilizing access to the clients’ EMRs to provide back-office support for our clients.
  • Initially, Phoenix developed a suit of registration and scheduling products which enabled our clients to reduce their dependence on internal call centers, improving patient access and substantially reducing costs.
  • Additionally, Phoenix was able to utilize access to the EMR to create a series of insurance product lines including pre-authorizations, scrubbing, and insurance verification by leveraging a combination of experienced insurance specialists and the development of a proprietary web-based platform to manage the exchange of clinical information required to obtain pre-authorizations.  The result was a substantial reduction in the amount of clinical time spent on administrative insurance activities and a coincident reduction in cost and increased cash flow.
  •  Finally, coding was added, reducing costs while generating much needed revenue.

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