Medical Coding

Coding is the lifeblood of a facility’s survival. If there is no coding, if there is a backlog, there is no reimbursement and no funds generated to keep the facility operating! Phoenix utilizes only remote domestic coders with at least 5 years’ experience at an Acute Care Facility.

Coding backlogs can build slowly, or happen suddenly.  The expectation in most facilities is that charts should be coded within 3 to 5 days of discharge, and Accounts Receivable needs to be below a predetermined dollar amount.  

To facilitate this process, Phoenix is granted access directly into the EMR, and retrieves all the data needed to code a chart. Access for Phoenix is simple since HIPAA requirements are met by using only domestic coders.

Inpatient stays are of considerable length and need to be addressed as quickly as possible in order to generate the considerable revenue that an inpatient stay can produce. Outpatient stays, while shorter, are plentiful and must also be done in a timely manner for revenue! Phoenix coders use their experience to be able to communicate with the Client any patterns they notice that prohibit quick coding, such as lack of information in the chart, specific providers or departments that don’t submit the proper documentation into the EMR.

By utilizing a coding service, facilities are able to either prevent or eliminate a coding backlog quickly. This plays a pivotal role in accelerating cash flow by maximizing reimbursement under dire circumstances. Outsourcing also eliminates the need for increased staffing, which requires the cost of employee benefits, management, and compensating for time off, which often then leads to another backlog.

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