Ambient Scribe

Phoenix utilizes only remote, domestic, clinically trained staff, generally recruited from physician private practices, to update the patient record. The process begins with the Provider and the Patient together in the Exam Room, and everything flows out from that efficiency.

The entire visit is recorded and uploaded to a platform for access by Phoenix. Depending upon the system used by the facility, the visit may also contain a draft note from artificial intelligence (AI), or it may just be the recording of the full dialogue between patient and provider. The Virtual Scribe then creates a Consult or a Follow Up based on the output from the voice recording, eliminating superfluous conversation not related to the visit reason, utilizing the Provider-specific customized preference guides and templates.

Because the recording is based on conversation, pertinent data might be out of order, and the ambient Scribe creates the note according to the normal Consult or Follow up parameters. (i.e. HPI, PMH, PE, Meds, A&P).  Again, depending upon the system, the note is either created within the EMR itself, or uploaded into the EMR after creation of the note. The ambient scribe also ensures that the critical clinical elements are placed within the proper area of the Chart and the EMR. All the Provider needs to do is sign the report!

Ambient Scribes are dedicated to specific physician and practice groups but operate across multiple platforms, reducing the need for in-house staff for chart completion, increasing physician productivity by eliminating either dictation or having to do their own data entry in some cases. Studies have shown that physician-generated reports are highly likely to contain errors, some potentially dangerous to the patient, such as medications and dosages.

Utilization of our remote Ambient Scribes substantially reduces the cost of supporting the EMR, and redirects physician activity to direct patient care from administrative overload. Ambient Scribe-generated reports often contain more comprehensive data, contributing to increased revenue generation, as well.

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