Ambient Scribe

Prestigious Teaching Acute Care Facility Needed Ambient Visit Support

Today, most facilities, even those with world-renowned specialists, are utilizing an Enterprise EMR system, to capture all the Clinical data, but are under pressure from the Providers to support the ability to capture the full visit conversation without re-dictation. 

This Case Study outlines the remote, domestic Ambient Scribe program that Phoenix set up for one of the largest teaching medical facilities in the Southeast, encompassing multiple medical centers, and over 50 primary care offices. The process was so simple for the physicians… the entire visit was recorded and uploaded to a platform for access by Phoenix. The platform also included the use of Artificial Intelligence, creating a ‘draft’ of the visit. Using a combination of the AI, the voice file of the visit, the customized preference guides and templates, the Phoenix Scribe created a consult or follow-up within the EMR Chart, placing the critical clinical elements within the proper area of the Chart and the EMR. All the Provider had to do was sign the report!

As a result of the time saved by the visit being recorded in real time, the physicians either increased their patient load or had time to devote to other pursuits. A comparative review also revealed that the charts were more comprehensive, resulting in increased reimbursement. In cases where the facility or practice had the physicians doing their own visit notes, the physician’s time went from two to three hours per evening and weekends to minutes per day to simply sign their reports and drop for reimbursement.

All Phoenix Scribes are domestic so there was no learning curve and no HIPAA issues associated with access to the EMR outside the United States. Utilizing these remote Scribes eliminated the need for on-site Scribes, and all the expenses associated with employees, such as overstaffing to accommodate time off, benefits, management, etc. It also allowed the Providers’ staff to concentrate on the patients in the office, phone calls, insurance issues, etc.


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