Registration and Scheduling

Phoenix’s clinically trained Registration Specialists are dedicated to answering every call and converting each call into an appointment. Our process utilizes customized physician protocols that provide triage information such as specialty, subspecialty, insurance, location and population criteria. Messages are securely delivered and archived for reference at any time. Messages are also sent to specific pools within the EMR for ease of management within the department so that all urgent matters are dealt with in a timely manner.

Every Practice, Provider or Department has urgent issues that arise daily, and Phoenix works with the Administrators to develop the most efficient policies that fit every situation insuring patient care is the primary consideration. In today’s competitive market, Patient Access to the physician is the key to growth and stability for any Facility, Department or Practice.  Anyone who has tried to schedule an appointment and has heard the familiar “Doctor’s office, please hold”, or gets a voice mail, is tempted to hang up after a few minutes and just start dialing down the list of “specialists” in the area, until they get one who answers the phone. This inability to get to the calls is the cause of losing patients to other facilities.

These Registration Specialists are assigned to a team based on experience within the Specialty and are dedicated to converting the calls into revenue-generating appointments. Unlike office staff, the concierge-level Specialist can dedicate full attention to the patient without the interruptions of office life. For example, they take the time to verify insurance prior to the appointment so there’s never an open appointment slot due to lack of insurance coverage at the last minute. They get the medication history into the chart in preparation for the first appointment and remind the patient if a Referral or Records are needed.

Utilizing our Registration and Scheduling Specialists allows for significantly reduced costs due to decreased need for staff and all the issues and dollars that entails, and dramatically increased revenue due to our commitment to insuring every caller hangs up feeling they have been given very special consideration by this Practice.

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