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Precertification Specialist


As a Precertification Specialist, you will call to obtain insurance authorizations for medical procedures. To do this, you will analyze the patients clinical record to find the information needed to support prior approval for the procedure. If you have insurance experience, and love to play detective, this could be the perfect position for you.

JUST BRING US YOUR INSURANCE EXPERTISE and we will help you with the rest!


  • Minimum 1-2 years experience In obtaining a precertification authorization for Diagnostic Center tests or for a Health Insurance Company within the past year
  • Ability to work within an EMR – specific training provided, but experience needed
  • Understanding of insurance coverage and participation
  • Reference material and training on account provided
  • Excellent computer skills, ability to work multiple windows simultaneously
  • Computer and internet access
  • Committed, highly motivated, independent, ability to use documentation provided to carry out individual precert requests

Technical Requirements:

  • Independent internet access with router close to work station
  • Good speed test to determine internet speed (Phoenix will provide test site)
  • Computer knowledge (Word, Excel, Internet, Email)
  • Updated computer with ability to handle multiple windows and web based programs

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